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As front-end developers, we are faced with many options that shape our professional lives and futures. Susan Robertson writes a good summary of this dilemma in her article here.

// Portfolio

Drupal front-end development and responsive theming for @MCNInteractive and this Atlanta restaurant and bar. Design by Beau Burgess @burgesscreative.

My buddy @thisiskyleadams designed and did the bulk of the dev work on this. I did a lot of the preliminary work on the concept site for the RFP that landed this major account for @MCN, then helped a bunch on the responsive theming. I'll be adding the floorplans and user-experience views for planners and visitors.

I served as lead dev on the front-end on this primo project for @MCNInteractive. Massive team effort integrating a user points system that allows fans to purchase merch, request meet-n-greets, and lots of social goodies. Very member-driven site with private messaging, social sharing, invite system, points and redemptions.

Development project for MCN. Assisted Zach Williams in building this dual-language English/Russian website for Dmitry Shepelev, Russia's Ryan Seacrest (as I imagine him). Multiple content types and Russian translations made this one interesting project.

Development project for @MCN as lead developer. Responsive design with parallax effect, isotope filtering, and many customizations. This was one helluva major project!

Project for MCN Interactive as lead front-end developer. Design by Kyle Adams of @MCN for @TWLOHA. Responsive design with custom responsive slideshow. Custom Events and Get Involved map functionality. Lots of jQuery goodness.

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